Rules & Waiver

Waiver Form

The paper-based waiver form must be signed by the participant in person at the check-in/registration desk before the participant (or any relay participants) will be allowed to participate in the event. The waiver form will be available during race check-in (both the day before the event, and on the day of the event) prior to the race. Any participant under the age of 18 MUST have the waiver signed by their parent(s) or legal guardian at check-in and in person.  If the waiver form is not signed , the athlete will not be allowed to compete, and any and all fees will not be refunded. Absolutely no exceptions will be made under any conditions to this rule. Relay teams must have all participants sign a separate waiver form in person.

Race kits will only be given directly to the participant, as a waiver is needed to be signed. No picking up race kits for other participants.

Race Rules

General Rules:

  • Minimum Age to Participate is 15 years old at time of event. (If under the age of 18, the waiver must be signed by participant’s legal guardian who is over the age of 18)
  • Headphones and music devices are NOT permitted for any event, or portion of any event (Swim, Bike or Run) due to safety reasons
    • **If a participant is observed (by race officials or volunteers) wearing headphones on any portion of the race course, they will be immediately ejected from the race and disqualified
  • Due to transition space and course we cannot accommodate Paratriathletes

Swim Rules:

  • Wet suits allowed
  • No other flotation devices
  • No running along the shallow shore for extended time (running into shore is fine, but not along the shallow part of the shore as an advantage). You can stand in the water, if you need a rest.
  • Bathing cap must be worn.
  • No kicking or grabbing other swimmers
  • Goggles and nose clips are ok
  • No fins or paddles
  • Always go around the outside of the buoy(s)

Bike Rules:

  • Discs and covers allowed
  • Aero and clip-on bars allowed
  • Safety approved helmets mandatory. Bike helmet must be worn at all times while riding and must not be cracked
  • The helmet must be clipped on before handling the bike
  • Colour coded sticker must be visible on the front of the helmet. This is to help volunteers identify what event you are in and direct you accordingly
  • Note the marked mount and dismount zone
  • Never cross over into the oncoming lane/path/road
  • Never block another cyclist

Run Rules:

  • No outside pacing


  • No spectators or pets in the transition zone. Please advise family and friends to refrain from the transition area. There are plenty of other places to observe the race.
  • Pick up your bike from the racks and walk it to the mount zone.
  • Return your bike to the exact location where you picked it up
  • Please do not bring chairs, pets, or other equipment or items not needed for the race. There is limited space so please respect the other participants.
  • No glass containers in the racing area
  • Don’t warm up or cool down in the transition area while the race is under way

Spirit of the sport:

  • Safety and fairness first.
  • Treat other competitors, officials, volunteers and spectators with respect and courtesy.
  • Have fun and treat your fellow racers as your friends.
  • Always pass on the left and give ample warning to the rider that you are passing
  • If a racer is down, ask if they need you to call for help.
  • Volunteers and race officials can issue warnings and/or disqualify racers for non-compliance.
  • Egregious violators will be banned from future races.


Alcohol is not permitted AT ALL….PERIOD! Alcohol before, during or after the race is not permitted. Anyone caught having alcohol on site with be automatically disqualified and will be banned from any future races.

Changes Due to Weather:

  • DISTANCES IN THE EVENT OF POOR WATER CONDITIONS In the event that the swim leg of the Goderich Triathlon must be cancelled due but not limited to, high waves, lightning, water temp or water quality issues. Please be advised that the Olympic Solo, Olympic Relay and Try-a-Tri may be changed to a Duathlon. The decision to cancel the swim leg will be made up to 30 minutes before race start and the duathlon distances will be the following.
    • OLYMPIC SOLO – 10K RUN, 42.5K BIKE, 5K RUN
    • Sprint Triathlon – Becomes a Sprint Duathlon (5K RUN, 28K BIKE, 2.5K RUN)
    • Sprint Duathlon – No change
  • The race will still commence if it is raining, however if there is lightning in the area,  the race will be delayed as long as necessary until the risk is gone.